Help build everlasting community endowment by donating to any of these funds using our online gift portal. You can choose to support more than one fund with each transaction. Thank you!

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Donate To A Fund

Fund Name
Donate 100WomenStrong
Donate All Ages Read Together Endowment
Donate Barbe Family Foundation
Donate Bill and Val Tillett Foundation
Donate Blair and Mike Pirrello Vocational Scholarship
Donate Blue Ridge Hospice Endowment - Desginated
Donate CF Endowment Fund
Donate Charles Tiffany Richardson Family Fund
Donate Community Emergency Relief Fund
Donate David Peña Foundation
Donate Debbie Settle Scholarship Foundation
Donate Don and Amy Owen Charitable Fund
Donate ECHO Endowment Fund - Designated
Donate Endowment for the Community
Donate Evans Family Fund
Donate Frederick L. Spencer, Jr. Memorial Fund
Donate Friends of Blue Ridge Mountains Endowment for Environmental Educational Activities
Donate Gavin "I Promise 15" Scholarship Fund
Donate Gollobin Family Fund
Donate Guy and Katherine Gravett Charitable Fund
Donate Health Fund
Donate Hill School Endowment Fund - Designated
Donate Jim and Betty Herbert Family Fund
Donate Joanne W. Webb Fund
Donate John and Patti Sinnen Family Fund
Donate John Page Turner Community House Fund
Donate JT Place Fund
Donate Larkin Wealth Management Group of Wells Fargo Advisors
Donate LCSJ/Loudoun Abused Women's Shelter - Designated
Donate Leadership Fund Supporting the Community Foundation
Donate Loudoun Chamber Foundation
Donate Loudoun Commission on Women and Girls
Donate Loudoun Community Cabinet
Donate Loudoun Desi Giving Fund
Donate Loudoun Human Services Network Support Fund
Donate Loudoun Hunger Relief Endowment - Designated
Donate Loudoun Impact Fund
Donate Loudoun Juvenile Detention Center Fund
Donate Loudoun Literacy Council Endowment - Designated
Donate Loudoun Serenity House Endowment - Designated
Donate Loudoun Volunteer Caregivers - Designated
Donate Loudoun Wildlife Conservancy Endowment - Designated
Donate Mary B. Tett Health Professionals Fund
Donate Mary B. Tett The Arc Superstar Volunteer Fund - Designated
Donate May Family Foundation
Donate McDermott Family Fund
Donate Michael J. Cowell Charitable Fund
Donate Minchew Family Foundation
Donate Morven Park Charitable - Designated
Donate Moses Fund
Donate Neal and Donna Gumbin Charitable Fund
Donate OHMF Fund
Donate PAW Fund
Donate Peter M. Howard Memorial Fund
Donate Pettit-Wilson Family Foundation
Donate Project Horse Empowerment Center Endowment - Designated
Donate Rosegate Charitable Fund
Donate Ruby Mae Fund
Donate Sanders Oscanyan Memorial Fund
Donate Sharyn's Angels Cancer Fund
Donate Shell Agreement Fund Agreements
Donate Shelly's Fund for a Beautiful Tomorrow
Donate Siker Family Foundation
Donate Smashing Walnuts Endowment
Donate S. Murray Rust and Mary H. C. Rust Student Philanthropy Project
Donate Sterling Women Giving Circle
Donate Stowers Loudoun County High School Scholarship Fund
Donate Tackle Box Fund
Donate The Oscar Revere and Tara Trout Family Foundation
Donate Three Mustard Seeds
Donate Tourism and Hospitality Relief Fund
Donate Ursula Landsrath Animal Rescue Fund
Donate Van Huyck Chockley Family Foundation
Donate Vets Tribute Fund
Donate Webber Jazz Grantmaking Fund
Donate Wheeler Family Foundation
Donate Willowcroft Science Endowment
Donate Windy Hill Endowment Fund - Designated
Donate Yellow Ribbon Fund